Slow Healing To Find Deep Safety

A Trauma Informed Practice

Slow Healing to Find Deep Safety: A trauma informed practice

When I describe my work as trauma-informed I mean that I am aware of the myriad ways people survive, adapt and cope with relational trauma and its effects.

Experience has taught me that this type of healing lfrom relational trauma happens slowly and gradually. Patterns of adaptation that have formed over many years take time to be rewritten in the nervous system, in the personality, in the whole psyche. A foundation of inner safety needs to be present before any parts that feel unsafe can come up to be acknowledged.

Safeguarding clients who are trauma survivors

Not all of the healing modalities I offer will be suitable for everyone. The nature of the healing journey is that things sometimes seem worse before they get better. For example, intense emotions can surface as a natural part of the process. People have different capacities to soothe and hold themselves as these emotions move through.

The questionnaire I ask my clients to complete when booking a session gives space for you to share any information about your history that you feel is relevant and would be helpful for me to know. This helps me get a sense of what life is like for you and enables me to better support you.

If we have not worked together before, or if you are new to the world of energetic healing, I recommend that you book a free discovery call with me, so that we can discern together which type of session would suit you best. It might be that we spend some time developing the ‘foundations of self-healing’ before delving any deeper (these are listed above).

If you are experiencing severe mental health difficulties or are in extreme distress as a result of untreated trauma then I am not the right person for you to work with at this time (since I am not a trained in supporting people in a severe mental health crisis). If I am not the right person to support you going further, I will do my best to recommend other organisations, therapists or healers who may be more suitable.

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