Healing With Rosi

Slow healing to find deep safety.

Heal your heart. Trust your Wisdom.
Become your Soul Self.

Hi, I’m Rosi Lalor.

I am an intuitive healing facilitator. I offer you a warm welcome.

Whether you work with me 1:1, attend a workshop, or enjoy my blog, my music or Youtube channel, I hope you will find nourishment and encouragement here.

I am based in West Cork, Ireland. I offer 1:1 and group healing sessions online and in-person. The healing modalities I work with are: Reiki, Magnified Healing, Body Poem, Dream Poem, Compassion Key and Light Language Healing. I am a trainee Death Doula, a priestess of the Avalon Rose Chapel, and a passionate believer in the need for re-weaving grief rituals into our communities.

I write a blog and newsletter which you can sign up to.

These are the issues I can support you with 1:1

Tending to the wounds of the inner child, learning to refine your inner parenting skills.

Attuning to your subtle senses, trusting your body-based wisdom, your intuition.

Harvesting the wisdom of your dreams.

Living by your highest values.

Learning the foundations of self-healing.

Meeting and transforming ancestral, past life and cellular imprints/memories with compassion.

Navigating the kundalini awakening process.

I also offer 'just listening' sessions; the experience of simply being heard and held.

My Approach to Healing Facilitation

I take the view that developing the skills to navigate your own healing process is much more important than trying to arrive at a destination quickly.

Whether we work together at the ‘bigger picture’ level of your soul’s journey, or focus on making your life easier in the here-and-now, my aim is to meet you in ways that are validating, encouraging and transformative.

Please note that although my style of working is very relational and can sometimes include a lot of listening and talking as we move energy, I am not a trained counsellor or psychotherapist. I am an intuitive healing facilitator. My work is rooted in my own spiritual practice, and my wisdom comes from my own experiences as well as the training courses I have completed, which you can find listed at the link below.

Healing Modalities

Healing Sessions

Reiki / Magnified Healing

A Reiki session can help you deeply relax, balance emotions, recover from an illness, and much more.

Body Poem / Dream Poem

A Body Poem session is a space for your body’s wisdom to be heard, through deep listening to the language of sensation.

A Dream Poem session helps you access the hidden gold in a dream which feels important to you. Together we tend to your dream with the reverence it deserves.

Compassion Key

A Compassion Key session can help heal the wounded child within, reintegrate soul fragments and resolve unhelpful personal or ancestral karmic patterns.

Magnified Healing

Magnified Healing is an energy healing modality that is associated with the quality of Mercy, and with Ascended Master Quan Yin. You may be particularly drawn to Magnified Healing if you are navigating the shedding of skins that comes with a spiritual awakening process (including ‘dark night of the soul’ experiences). Its primary focus is on healing the pain held deep in the heart.

Light Language

Light Language is a form of non-linear communication between my Higher Self and yours. It is expressed through rhythmic sounds, movements, and mudras. It will make no sense to your rational mind, but your soul may recognise it! It works well in combination with Compassion Key & Magnified Healing, assisting in the transmutation of dense energy.

Integration Sessions

Integration Sessions are intended to be an accessible ongoing resource to support your healing and growth. These may be of particular benefit to you if you are dealing with a lot of change in your life, and need regular ongoing support for a while. You can use an Integration session as a space to simply be heard with compassion and non-judgment, and/or you can ask me for feedback/ guidance.

Just Listening

Just listening sessions are for people who simply need to be deeply heard and compassionately held. There will be very few words spoken by me, I will just show up with compassionate presence and you will have my full attention. If you would like me to verbally mirror back to you what I am hearing you say we can do that too. Just listening sessions can be supportive if you are feeling overloaded, feeling unseen, unheard or misunderstood, or need a supportive space to find your way back to clarity.

Have questions?

Book A Free Discovery Call

If you are not sure which type of session to choose, feel free to book a free discovery call so that you can get a clearer sense of me and what I offer and discuss your needs. Online sessions can be booked here. To book an in-person session in West Cork please email [email protected]

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