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Compassion Key: Welcoming back what has been exiled

Compassion Key, developed by Edward Mannix, works by acknowledging and validating the subjective reality of fragmented aspects of a person’s self, and in a broader sense, of their soul.

There are the parts of us that we had to hide from others and ourselves, in order to fit in with our family and culture. Thankfully, the psyche has an innate impulse towards wholeness, and so the aspects of us that have gone underground will at some point attempt to make themselves known to us.

Other aspects of us are wounded, fragmented, or not in their right location in our energy fields. These aspects experience themselves as being separate from life itself, and are stuck in disconnection and suffering. This fragmentation occurs as a result of traumatic experiences in this lifetime and others. These wounded aspects carry beliefs about reality that are based on the pain they have experienced for example “I am powerless” or “People are cruel”.

To heal to these split-off-from-life- parts then, means first of all to validate the truth of their pain. It is only when the painful experience receives full and sincere acknowledgment, that it can open to change. So we say YES to its experience. YES, that horrific thing did happened. YES you were abandoned. YES you were betrayed. YES you’ve been in pain a long time and don’t know how to get out of it. YES, it is, it’s hopeless (from where you now stand).

There is no ‘spiritual bypassing’ i.e. no avoidance of vulnerable feelings – what we are aiming to do is meet the vulnerable feelings from a steady, mature, supported place.

When a wounded fragment is ready to melt into peace (and this must happen in its own time and can’t be forced or rushed), it re-integrates with the whole, no longer feeling cut-off and alone.

The more our fragmented parts become re-integrated into wholeness, the more well, worthy and capable we will feel. From this state of wholeness or integration, our true essential nature can find its fullest expression.

I made a video describing my work with Compassion Key:

What Light Language is and how it supports Compassion Key Sessions

I believe we live the times we are living in are putting human beings under huge pressure to mature and evolve. Let’s be honest – we are in huge danger if we don’t. The pressure (from cosmic forces) for this evolution to occur is immense. It is – potentially – the beginning of what some call ‘the great turning’, the end of a dark age for humanity and the beginning of a golden one.

Many people are engaged in healing their ancestral lineages and balancing personal and collective karma, so that painful patterns don’t carry forward into the next generations.

Light language supports healing at the cellular level. It is a soul-based nonlinear channeled communication, expressed through words, sounds, rhythm, movements and symbolic shapes expressed through the body.

Light language offers high frequency energetic ‘codes’ that can support the following processes:

  • Clearing dense, stuck energies from any and all layers of your being
  • The removal of perceptual distortions rooted in the mental body.
  • Harmonising chaotic energies in your field.
  • The activation of your cosmic memory.
  • Accessing the remembrance of spiritual gifts and capacities developed in other lifetimes.

It is the client’s higher self that will choose how much of this energy to accept and integrate, depending on what they are ready for at this moment on their journey. If some of the codes are not yet ready to be received, they will be stored in the outer layers of the energy field and ‘downloaded’ to the physical plane at a later time.

I made a video about my experience of Light Language:

I also recommend Jamye Price’s website and book ‘Opening to Light Language’ if you are curious to know more.

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