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I think it’s important to share with you not only my training and qualifications but also a little bit about my background and my worldview.

My hope is that the information I share here gives you a sense of the roads I’ve travelled, the kinds of wisdom I’ve gained from navigating my particular challenges, and how I may (or may not) be of service to your own growth.

A Brief History

How I became an Intuitive Healing Facilitator

I trained as a Holistic Therapist (ITEC diploma in Holistic Massage, Reflexology and Aromatherapy) back in 2005, after being inspired by a life-changing massage treatment I received when I was a stressed out trainee secondary school teacher in London. I had no idea of the power of therapeutic touch, or even that there was such a thing, and knew I needed to explore it further.

The course was nourishing for me on every level, and yet I didn’t practice professionally straight away, as my main calling at that time was to work with young adults with special educational needs, complex behaviours and physical disabilities. Through working in this field for 8 years, I learned a great deal about subtle forms of non-verbal communication, energetic sensitivity and the value of diverse forms of intelligence.

In 2013 I moved to Ireland and met a wonderful metaphysical teacher/healer called Roseleen McNally. I was inspired by her compassionate presence and down-to-earth approach to train to become a Reiki Master and a Magnified Healing practitioner. I felt like ‘a duck to water’ when it came to working with these subtle yet powerful energies.

For about seven years prior to this, I had been a regular recipient of energy healing from an intuitive healer. At that time I didn’t know how to regulate my nervous system, and so these sessions used to bring a calm into my system that I didn’t yet know how to cultivate in myself. During this time I believed that energy healing was only for extra-spiritual people with special gifts, not realizing it is a skill that can be cultivated by anyone who desires to do so.

I have now been giving energy healing treatments for over 10 years. I am always learning from my clients, from teachers, and from my own ongoing healing process. I have learned how to listen to flow the life, and to my body’s wisdom. My capacity to trust my subtle senses and to attune to the healing field is something that continues to evolve.

Sensitivity and Strength

My highly sensitive temperament felt like a curse before it became a blessing. As so often happens with highly sensitive people, I had formed a habit of attuning to the needs of others, but wasn’t so skilled at recognising and meeting my own needs. Dr. Elaine Aaren’s book The Highly Sensitive Person helped me understand why I was so often overwhelmed by what others seemed to find manageable.

Alongside a naturally sensitive temperament, I have been on a lifelong journey with CPTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Largely thanks to Pete Walker’s books, as well as ongoing long-term support from a wonderful somatic therapist, I have a huge capacity to work constructively with my triggers, seeing them as portals into deeper healing.

Kundalini Rising

In 2014 I felt a ‘pop’ at the base of my spine while I was at a spiritual workshop. As intense as this experience was, my mind accepted it easily. I was aware of the concept of kundalini awakenings and I also sensed that this was something I had been unconsciously preparing for this since childhood.

Kundalini energy is described in yogic teachings as a snake that lies coiled and dormant at the base of the spine. The symbolism of the snake is appropriate because the snake sheds its skin, and kundalini demanded I do the same. The ongoing movement of this raw, primal energy through my system catalysed a huge purging effect on every layer of my being. My identity and my belief systems were forced to expand in response to what I was experiencing.

It has often felt like trying to stay in my body was like trying to stay on a horse at a rodeo – intense pulsations of energy moving up my spine, twitching and sometimes involuntary shouting and screaming. No doubt in other times and places I would been burnt at the stake or institutionalised for these expressions! And indeed I had my work cut out for me, digesting and processing many past life experiences of persecution arising from cellular memory. Alongside this I had to keep apologising to my neighbours. Thankfully I have a good sense of humour.

Supported by somatic awareness work, dream work, conscious dancing, yoga, time in nature, lots of prayer and lots of patience, the expressions that began as grunts and screams have gradually evolved into Light Language. This is a capacity to communicate/transmit healing codes and frequencies through non-linear soul-based words and gestures.

Here is an example on YouTube.

Devoted to Love, with Death as my Teacher

In 2021 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Follicular Lymphoma, and underwent intensive chemotherapy treatment. There is so much I could say about this experience, which has divided my life into a clear ‘before’ and ‘after’. My perspective as to what really matters has radically changed. Being honest and real with people and respecting my own boundaries (once very flimsy), has become non-negotiable.

My ideas about ‘healing’ have also changed. It is a pretty obvious thing to say, but we are all going to die and none of us know when. Therefore the aim of healing is not to avoid death (or other natural endings in our lives), but to learn how to face them with increasing courage and grace.

Prior to being diagnosed with cancer I was already interested in grief work and completed Sacred Circle’s 12 week course Lost Rites: Ceremony and Ritual for Death and Dying. The fact that I had completed this course helped me in very real ways to face the uncertainties and challenges of my illness. I continue to be involved with Sacred Circle, and am currently engaged in their End of Life Doula preparation training course: https//

At the time of writing I am receiving immunotherapy treatment as the cancer returned in 2023. Next year I am due to receive a stem cell transplant. Deeper and deeper I go on my healing journey.

I no longer live with the illusion that I am guaranteed a long life. This has given me a lot of clarity regarding what truly matters to me and what doesn’t. Healing intergenerational trauma matters to me. Supporting others to find their way to their version of the inner safety I have found, seems like a good way for me to spend whatever time I have left.

Creative Expression & the Healing Arts

Creativity and healing have always gone hand in hand for me. Many of the skills I have developed through songwriting e.g. deep listening to the whispers of the unconscious, have helped me become a better listener to my clients. My hours on the dancefloor have trained me to track sensation in my own body, and to pay attention to subtle shifts in the healing field.

Sometimes there are no words to describe what we have experienced and it must be expressed through movement, or images. And much healing and integration is also possible through naming and giving voice to our experience, even if we are just spitting out stuttering baby sounds and non-linear expressions. In 2008 I completed a Masters Degree in Creative Writing for Personal Development, and in 2020 my Body Poem and Dream Poem studies helped me understand the nuances of the process of putting ‘feelings into words’. A core part of my work now involves creating safe-enough containers for the lesser-known, perhaps banished, or silenced voices within myself and others to be truly heard and accepted.

In 2012 I made an album of original songs called Flowers For the Living and in 2021 I made Strange Little Smile, available from or Spotify. A new album exploring my relationship with death and loss is in the making.

The spirit in which I offer this work

Like so many people who have chosen the role of ‘healer’ in one form or another, I first entered into the role from a wounded/ immature place. Through trial and error and many humbling learning experiences, I have persevered to find a peaceful and grown-up place within myself from which to offer this work. I am always growing and evolving in my capacity to show up with loving, attuned, non-judgemental, grounded presence.

I have profound respect for all who have the courage to begin to question their conditioned beliefs, get curious about who they might be on deeper levels, and what they might be capable of when they live from their highest values.

The changes I have witnessed in the people I have worked with over longer periods of time, leave me humbled and in awe. The human spirit is so resilient, and capable of profound transformation under the right conditions.

Honouring my ancestors: the ‘witches’ who couldn’t be wise, and the artists who couldn’t create

In this lifetime, in this society I am free to serve my community through embodying the aspects of the healer/ witch/ priestess/ artist / archetypal energies which are so natural to my soul.

I am keenly aware of many past lives where this was not the case, and of the women in my ancestral lineages who could not develop or express the full expanse of who they were.

For all those who couldn’t – I can.
For all those who were not free – I am.

Gratitude to my Teachers

I offer this work a spirit of profound gratitude to the teachers, healers, therapists, mentors and guides whose loving wisdom has helped me overcome so much.

I want to thank Bethany Webster for her book and articles on Discovering the Inner Mother, as well as her excellent online course:

I am profoundly grateful to Pete Walker for his clear, compassionate description of Complete PTSD, and his acutely insightful approach to recovery.

Roseleen McNally my Reiki and Magnified Healing teacher. For teaching in such a wise, gentle, respectful way.

For his life-changing teachings on how to embody heart-centred consciousness, and his life-saving life-giving sense of humour, and complete devotion to love, and for making so many of his teachings accessible for free on Youtube Matt Kahn

To Helen Bohan, a Cork based Open Floor Movement teacher who introduced me to the healing power of movement in community, for many transformational and joyful hours on the dancefloor

To Alexandra Derwen and the Sacred Circle facilitators, for the profound depth and integrity of their pioneering work re-weaving grief back into its rightful place in our communities. For having the courage to work with death consciousness, and ancestral atonement. A sanctuary for my soul, they helped to put ground underneath me through my cancer treatment.

Gratitude to Annabel du Boulay for her academic and experiential teachings on the Rose Lineage (a gnostic/druidic path). My study of this lineage and its archetypal energies continue to help me understand my spiritual ancestry. And for the Avalon Rose Chapel community she has created, which I’m honoured to be a part of.

To Richard Rudd and the Gene Keys community for these living transmissions that sparkle with magical evolutionary embers and have already taken root in me.

Katie Sarra’s Body Poem

Gigi Young’s esoteric teachings, influenced by Rudolf Steiner’s teachings

Dr. Elaine Aaren for her books on nervous system sensitivity such as The Highly Sensitive Person

And huge thanks to my amazing somatic therapist, whose skilled attunement has helped me rewrite my nervous system as well as understand, cherish, nurture and express my vast inner entourage of selves! Through my work with her I have come to profoundly respect the organic wisdom of the body, and of the cycles of nature.

Qualifications & Training

Reiki Levels 1, 2 & 3
Magnified Healing phase 1
Trained by Roseleen McNally

Body Poet Certification, with Katie Sarra

Priestess of the Avalon Rose Chapel® & Practitioner-in-training of the Avalon Rose Chapel®

Compassion Key Practitioner Training (Edward Mannix

End of Life Doula-in-training with Sacred Circle CIC (Community Interest Company)

Certificate in basic counseling skills, Varndean College, Brighton

ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Holistic Therapies: Aromatherapy, Swedish Massage, Reflexology, City College Brighton and Hove

BA Combined Studies: Literary Studies & Philosophy, The University of Manchester Victoria

PGCE: Key Stage 3 English Language and Literature at Key Stage 3, University of East London

MA in Creative Writing for Personal Development University of East Sussex

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