Reiki Sessions:

Rosi is an amazing Reiki practitioner. I felt at ease from the second I walked in the door. I usually find it takes me a while to open up to therapists, but with Rosi I found it effortless because of her non-judgmental and compassionate presence. I could feel a lot shifting during the session and I felt comfortable allowing it to happen as Rosi is a very competent and discerning healer, which allowed me to trust her completely. I had experienced cysts and fibroids, which were affecting my menstrual cycle . It was ‘blocked’ and a session with Rosi, it had cleared. I am so grateful! The physical aspect, is only a fraction of what Rosi helped me with, she is a powerful catalyst for change!
Hilary Nagle
THANK YOU, THANK YOU ,THANK YOU for helping me find myself at a time in my life when I felt lost. It’s amazing how I was surrounded by so much love and positive energy without knowing it. Since the first day I met you for a one to one Reiki treatment, my life has changed for the better. I now know it's ok to be a sensitive, loving person who enjoys being there for others. What I didn't know was how to protect myself while I'm doing it. I can be a sponge for other’s negativity, and you showed me a way of coping with this (still working on it). Because of you, I'm a more contented, happy person. The inner confidence I have got from my one to one treatments, doing the Reiki 1 workshop and meeting up for our Reiki share groups is amazing. You opened up a new world to me and supported me to overcome huge challenges in my life. You taught me not to carry the baggage of my past and to put my energy into the highest good of others and myself. I look forward to continuing our Reiki journey together, along with some of the other amazing people you have introduced me to.
Margaret Walsh

Magnified Healing:

I received an online Magnified Healing session from Rosi almost 2 weeks ago and the benefits are still coursing through my system. The holding I feel with Rosi is like no other – I feel I’m being held by something much bigger. Having a treatment with Rosi feels really, really safe. This allows me to release layers of masks and self-limiting beliefs, and learn the lessons that have been eluding me and getting in the way. I leave her sessions calm and refreshed, much more able to walk forward with greater clarity and purpose. There is never any pushing or rushing – I am steadily guided to go through my own process. I was also surprised by how much I benefited, given that we were not in the same room! I felt Rosi with me there the whole time. Beyond the powerful Magnified Healing energies themselves, I also appreciate Rosi’s insight into my physical, mental and emotional responses – the information she shares with me about what she senses and observes has sparked a great journey of self-discovery for me. The conversations before/after the treatment, the setting of intentions and debrief, as well as meditations, use of song and visualisations, all help me integrate the healing work into my days beyond the session.
Marta de Costa Neto
Magnified Healing

Body Poem:

After so many years searching for answers that never satisfied me, I have come to know that the body holds the most ancient wisdom. The trick is to figure out how we can bypass the mind and access the wisdom that is held within our very own temple. The Body Poem work does just that, it guides you gently into a safe space where we can hear the soft whispering of our knowing, our own guidance and our own medicine. It frees you from the idea that anyone outside of yourself could know what is best for you. Rosi is a light keeper, a guiding force, who will illuminate the way back home to the seat of yourself. Wonderful, profound, and deeply touching work.
Trisha Norton
Body Poem

Dream Poem:

My dream poem session was charged, fascinating, and a little challenging. Then there was a palpable afterglow were everything took on a subtle mysical/magical intensity,charged with heightened emotional meaning, which I think could be best described as the feeling of experiencing waking reality as if it were a waking dream, in itself a moving experience. From what Rosi explained, I understood this to be the embodiment/integration of the dream’s energy.
Dream Poem

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