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Distance Healing -
How It Works

Distance Healing

All of the sessions I offer, including the energy healing modalities (Reiki and Magnified Healing) are available online as well as in-person. Some people might find it strange that we don’t need to be physically in the same room for energy healing to be effective. So I have done my best to explain the science below!

Distance Healing – How it Works

We are all interconnected. We are all made of the same ‘stuff’, which is energy. Distance healing is possible because of the quantum nature of reality. Let me explain . . . or at least try!

Back in the early 19th century, Newtonian physics described a universe made up of fundamental building blocks called atoms. At that time, atoms were thought of as being composed of tiny solid objects – a nucleus of protons and neutrons, with electrons revolving around the nucleus much like the earth travelling around the sun.

When I think of Newtonian mechanics I think of snooker. If someone hits a snooker ball with a certain force in a certain direction, it is possible to mathematically predict exactly where that ball will stop and how long it will take to get there. At this ‘3D’ level of reality, time and space are measurable, predictable and linear.

Quantum physics however, is a VERY different ball game . . . and it’s hard to know (even for scientists), where to begin when trying to describe the rules. The universe that quantum physics describes is radically different to the mechanistic model Newton provided. Whilst his laws are fantastic for helping us build bridges and design trains, at the subatomic level, physicists have observed that they no longer apply.

At the subatomic level of reality

  • Space is not 3 dimensional, and time is not linear. They are intimately connected and form a fourth-dimensional continuum which Einstein called “space-time”.
  • Matter and energy are interchangeable: E=mc2
  • Paradox is part of the intrinsic nature of subatomic reality. For example, a subatomic particle does not exist in one location only like a snooker ball does – it can exist everywhere in the universe simultaneously.
  • Subatomic particles respond to consciousness. They change their behaviour when they are being observed – it is as if they ‘know’ they are being watched.

What does this have to do with remote healing?

What quantum physicists have now observed empirically, distant healers already knew intuitively and experientially. One of the basic principles of energy healing is ‘where the mind flows, energy goes’. In quantum physics terms, you could say that my consciousness is interacting with (and affecting) the subatomic particles in your energy field. When you receive healing at the root energetic level, all other layers of your being are positively affected (your physical body, your emotions, your thinking patterns).

As I carry out the remote healing session, I am operating from a meditative place within myself that knows how intrinsically interconnected all beings are. Although we are two separate individuals, we are essentially made of the same elements and in this sense we are one. The mantra I use to help me connect is “The Awakened Heart in Me Greets the Awakened Heart in You.”

In quantum physics terms you could say that the distance healing is happening in nonlinear ‘space-time’, which means that the amount physical distance between us is completely irrelevant – what matters is the strength of our energetic connection.

Reiki or Magnified Healing?

Reiki and Magnified Healing are two different frequencies of healing energy, like two different ‘notes’ in the musical scale. One note is not better than the other but they are different. When reading the descriptions below, tune in to the sensations in your body. The description that gives you a feeling of excitement or recognition is probably the right one for you at this time. As well as this, please also feel free to book a discovery call via my booking page and we can discuss it together.

About Reiki

I would describe Reiki has as an ‘earthy’ healing energy. It works on all levels of your being (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) to restore balance and harmony. Receiving Reiki for one hour is the equivalent of four hours of deep restorative sleep. Where energy is stuck, Reiki will release it. Where energy is deficient Reiki will replace it. Where energy is dense or stagnant, Reiki will transmute it. A Reiki session will support your nervous system to shift from stress/ survival mode into a state where you feel more ‘calm, connected and capable’.

When you add more Reiki into your system it is as though your cells are drinking in more LIFE – as if your batteries were being plugged in and recharged. As well as increasing vitality, you will also be infused with more LIGHT. This means that your awareness will expand, and issues that were previously unconscious will begin to move up into conscious awareness. For these reasons, Reiki supports your personal and spiritual growth, helps you make positive changes in your life, and supports you to break old habits that no longer serve you. You do not need to be sick to benefit from receiving a Reiki treatment, it is a beautiful way to nurture and support yourself at any time. As well as being extremely pleasurable and relaxing to receive, it also brings emotional comfort since it connects you to a felt sense of being supported by life itself.

What to expect from a remote Reiki session

At the time of booking I ask all my clients to fill out a form. This gives me a sense of where you’re at with your overall health, as well as a sense of how we can work together most effectively. This is a chance for you to let me know how you are and if there is a particular issue you would like support with. I will then tailor the Reiki session to suit you needs. You will need to make sure you have a comfortable place to lie down. I will then guide you to connect with your breath and support you to relax into receive the energy I am sending.

Many people report feeling sensations of heat or waves of energy in certain parts of their body, others feel their entire body flooded with soothing, calming energy. This can bring a beautiful sense of feeling safe, supported, nurtured and held by life itself. If you are exhausted and your body needs rest, you may drop into a deep restorative sleep while receiving the energy.

It’s also common for people to experience a shift in perspective, an ability to view challenging situation in their life from a higher, more expanded, solution-focused perspective. At the end of our session, we can exchange feedback – you can let me know what you experienced and I can pass on to you any helpful guidance I received regarding your self-care or your next steps towards health, wholeness, happiness.

Depending on what is needed I may offer you a guided visualisation/ journey as part of the Reiki session, or ask you to focus your awareness and breath on a particular part of your body.

About Magnified Healing

Magnified Healing carries a resonance of Divine Feminine energy. It was originally received by two Reiki Masters in Florida in, Gisele King and Kathryn Anderson in 1983, with the first official teaching workshop taking place in1992. It was transmitted to them through Ascended Master Kwan Yin, who is known as the Goddess of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness. Because of its high vibration (that means energy vibrating at immense speed), Magnified Healing can bring about healing changes at the cellular level, as well as clearing and balancing the chakra system.

Magnified Healing will help prepare your nervous system for embodying more of your soul essence. It will do so powerfully yet gently (without overloading your nervous system). Magnified Healing is an amazing resource if you are going through a kundalini awakening process.

The Magnified Healing Frequency also works beautifully in combination with Compassion Key to heal wounded aspects of the Inner Child. The gentle, nurturing quality of Magnified Healing can bring a felt sense of comfort, while the Compassion Key phrases bring healing through the acknowledgment of the hurt it has experienced, which leads to integration. The inner child needs to feel loved, accepted, and understood by your inner mother/father. We have to create internal emotional safety for the inner child, give them strong roots. Only then will you feel safe and steady enough to begin living on full power.

A Magnified Healing and/or Compassion Key session will strengthen your ability to care for and accept all parts of yourself. It can help you grieve, soften up and forgive yourself for any perceived failures or mistakes.

You can read more about Magnified Healing on their official website.

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