Rosi Lalor

I trained as a Holistic Therapist (Massage, Reflexology and Aromatherapy) back in 2005, after being inspired by a life-changing reflexology treatment I received when I was an extremely stressed trainee teacher in London! I did not practice professionally straight away, as my main calling at that time was to work as a teacher for young adults with intellectual and physical disabilities.

 However, I always maintained a keen interest in all matters relating to health, wellbeing and spirituality. I explored and experienced many different modalities and approaches – you name it, I’ve probably tried it.


The driving force behind my healing journey was the need to find ways to manage being a ‘highly sensitive person’ in a very over-stimulating world.  After fearing for many years that I was condemned to a life of overwhelm, it was a great relief when I eventually found out there was a name for me! (For more information on high sensory sensitivity see Elaine Aron’s pioneering work).


This information was so crucial for me that I now have a special interest in working with people who are highly sensitive/ highly empathic (approximately 1 in 5 people). My aim is to help them understand and care for their nervous systems, so that they learn to experience their sensitivity as a gift as opposed to a burden. Sensitive people – the world needs you!


In 2014 I met a wonderful teacher called Roseleen McNally (based in Blackrock, Dublin), and was inspired by her presence to train to become a Reiki Master and a Magnified Healing practitioner. I felt like ‘a duck to water’ when it came to working with these subtle yet powerful energies, and only wished I had found them sooner! The effects on all aspects of my life have been transformational and profound.


Creative expression is also a huge passion of mine, and has been a huge source of solace and healing for me. In my view, everybody is an artist in one way or another, and our lives are immeasurably enriched when we allow ourselves to play, make, dance, invent, experiment, and explore. My sister and I are currently collaborating on a series of children’s books and I am due to begin recording my second album of original songs in spring 2018 . . . and I am NO stranger to the dance floor (if you would like to receive my monthly blog – full of uplifting, empowering and often humorous messages –  drop me a line and I’ll sign you up: ).


When offering a space for healing, my intention is to support my clients to return to an optimal state of health and happiness, through offering a space for them to re-connect to their own innate wisdom. It brings me great joy to see people find solutions where they could see none before, to watch them realise that there is always one little step they can take towards bringing greater balance, freedom and fulfilment to their lives. It is truly an honour for me to do to this work.