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Foundations of Healing &
Spiritual/kundalini Awakenings

Foundations of Healing

The arc of own healing journey, as well as my experience of working with a wide variety of clients over a decade, has shown me that there are certain foundational capacities that support deeper long-term shifts.

I would say that the foundations for healing are these:

  • The ability to consciously connect with the breath.
  • Capacity to shift attention out of the mind and on to physical sensations and emotions in the body.
  • The ability to access the ‘inner witness’; to be present with challenging emotions, thoughts and sensations in the body without completely merging with them.
  • The capacity and willingness to be with the unknown and uncomfortable.
  • The ability to communicate inner experience honestly, ask for what you need, and express disagreement.
  • Awareness of emotional triggers and coping mechanisms.
  • Receptivity to other perspectives, without needing to abandon your own.

In essence, the qualities that we need to cultivate on a healing journey are self-compassion, courage, body awareness, a secure enough container of self (boundaries), and openness. Supporting you to develop these qualities and capacities is implicit in all the work I do. If you are just beginning your journey, I can also offer sessions where we focus explicitly on developing these skills.

Intuition development

As well as listening deeply through the senses, I can also support you to develop, trust and refine your capacity to receive and interpret the information coming in through your even subtler senses i.e. developing clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance.

Where appropriate – and it isn’t always appropriate – I may draw on information I am receiving through my own subtle senses, in service of healing. My intention is always to EMPOWER YOU to trust your own unique inner guidance system. It brings be great satisfaction to support people to learn to trust their intuition and also to become discerning as how and why they use it.

A guide for those experiencing spiritual/kundalini awakenings

An important part of what I do is support people navigating the ups and downs and the general strangeness of a spiritual awakening process. This process will take a unique shape for everyone. However there are certain key characteristics which I have shared here:

I see it as a process of:

  • Individuation: differentiating yourself from personal and collective conditioning. Being guided by your highest values and your own direct connection to Source, without the need for a ‘middle-man’.
  • Becoming spiritually mature: taking ever increasing amounts of responsibility, as your capacity and willingness to do so grows.
  • Starting to see ‘behind the scenes’ of the drama of life – a capacity to perceive how intangible forces influence and shape tangible reality – becoming energetically sensitive.
  • Becoming ‘more human’ in tandem with becoming ‘more divine’; you are increasingly able to fully engage with the intensely vulnerable experience of being human, while at the same time sensing a reality dimension where ‘All is Well’. You let go of spiritual bypassing and spiritual ego softens into sincerity.
  • Becoming more able to hold paradox – to view life as both infinite and finite, physical and non-physical, and Time as both linear and non-linear. You are in touch with your unique expression of ‘I AM’ as well as aware of your oneness with all existence.
  • Visceral metamorphosis: at some point on your journey, kundalini energy may be awakened, and the evolutionary process intensifies.
  • Experiencing an increasingly powerful sense of wholeness, discovering unconditional love as the ground of your being. From this place of ‘being’, the desire to live a life in compassionate service arises naturally.

Even if you use different language or frameworks to me, if you have some sense of the process I am describing, then you are probably already swimming in transformational waters.

On this theme, Richard Rudd’s work on The Gene Keys may be of interest to you, as it is very much is for me!

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